I write. I’ve been known to do a lot of other stuff as well. But writing has always been the connective tissue, the best friend I only recently realized I’ve always been in love with.

As a mentally-intense, mixed-blood Xicana weirdo rooted in San Anto but formally coming of age in Bumfuck, TX–long before I encountered any sort of community for either political resistance or critical inquiry–poetry was the first form of political agency accessible to me and also the first theoretical work I produced. But it’s also true that, once I did find communities where my interests and impulses made sense, I could never really get away from creative writing either in my scholarship or in my activism. I was too much of an activist to stay in academia, too much of a writer to give myself fully to community organizing. It’s taken half a lifetime to realize I’m most comfortable as what Gloria Anzaldúa calls a nepantlera–a border walker who lives in the uncomfortable terrain between artistic, activist, and academic worlds. 

Now, after 25 years of writing on the side of everything else, I’ve come to feel that placing poetics, creative writing, at the center of my working life and political praxis is the most important thing I can do. I created this site as a permanent location for my published work and current projects, so that they might connect with the wider world of readers, writers, thinkers, and activists,  both on- and off-line.



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